Vaginal flora

Why are the lactic acid rods so important for your health?

Lactic acid rods (Lactobacillus), being a part
of natural vaginal flora, are responsible for:

  • maintaining acidic vaginal pH, thus creating unfavourable environment for pathogenic microorganisms
  • producing hydrogen peroxide, namely oxygen compound, which effectively harms many bacteria
  • producing bacteriocins which assist pathogenic microorganisms destruction
  • colonising female birth canals and competing with other microorganisms, thus hampering their development




What factors may influence vaginal flora change?

  • antibiotic therapy – destroys not only the pathogenic microorganisms, but also bacteria necessary to maintain the microbiological balance of your organism, including vagina
  • contraception – regular hormone intake may influence pH change from acidic to more alkaline which is a perfect environment for unwanted microorganisms
  • pregnancy – hormonal changes may cause worse epithelium hydration and thus higher risk of microinjuries
  • menopause – age-related changes in the organism result in hormone fluctuations, which may increase the risk of intimate issues
  • bad intimate hygiene habits, including too frequent irrigations, which may disturb natural balance of vaginal environment, using liquid soaps which are not dedicated for intimate use, cleaning intimate parts all wrong, etc.
  • frequent visits to swimming pools, sauna, solarium, and jacuzzi, etc.




Vaginal flora

Physiological vaginal flora of women with childbearing potential is composed of various bacteria, including lactic acid rods of Lactobacillus type. Provided their proper balance is maintained, they protect against the development of extraneous microorganisms. However, there are times when the healthy vaginal flora may change.


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