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Women frequently suffer from
health issues
related to external
genital organs, such as burning,
itching or even pain.


Such symptoms may be a manifestation
of a disease, but also may be caused
by such factors as:

  • wrong cleansing gel
  • allergy to detergents
  • synthetic, too tight underwear
  • abrasions due to sexual activity or sports



Iladian intima gel
with slightly acidic pH (ca. 4.0):

  • restores normal physiological conditions, thus reducing discomfort and hampering the growth of pathogenic microorganisms,
  • thanks to moisturising and lubricating properties, it protects against abrasions which frequently cause genital infections.

Iladian intima is dedicated to women who feel
discomfort (burning, itching, dryness) of external
genital organs and for women who are particularly
prone to intimate parts infections.

Use iladian intima:

  • as a preventive measure in the treatment of intimate parts infections
  • to restore normal pH of intimate parts
  • to limit the growth of yeasts during or after antibiotic treatment
  • if your feel dryness or tightness of external genital organs
  • if you frequently visit swimming pools, sauna, solarium, jacuzzi, etc.

How to use iladian intima?

Iladian intima is dedicated for external use only.

       After washing, please apply a thin layer of
       Iladian intima gel on your external genital organs.
       Please apply the gel from the front toward
       the anus. Use once a day, during night.


If your symptoms persist for more than 7 days, please consult your physician.




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