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What makes iladian gels so special?

Keeping good intimate hygiene is crucial in the event of high
susceptibility to irritation. There are various reasons increasing
the risk of upsetting the internal balance, namely the period
of pregnancy, menopause, antibiotic and hormone therapy,
and many others. Preparations designed specially for intimate
hygiene should be used on a daily basis, as plain soaps and
preparations with detergents may not have normal pH,
thus may upset the natural protective barrier of intimate parts.
Additionally, it is worth to choose products free from artificial
colourants and SLSs.

Considering all these issues, a specialist intimate
hygiene iladian product line was created,
including three preparations:

  • Iladian gel for intimate hygiene
  • Iladian 40+
  • Iladian pregna
  • Intimate Iladian gel for girls

Iladian – Intimate hygiene gel

In the event of intimate infections, irritations as well as during pregnancy and in perimenopausal age, proper intimate hygiene is crucial*. Thus, iladian intimate hygiene gels cleanse and care for intimate parts, while their components have antibacterial effect (liquorice and cranberry extract). All iladian brand gels are free from SLSs and colourants**. Additionally, these are hypoallergenic products***. What’s more, iladian 40+ intimate gel moisturises (soy extract). The prebiotic contained in Iladian pregna increases resistance to irritation and stimulates beneficial skin microflora. iladian intimate hygiene gels protect intimate parts, moisturise and maintain normal pH (lactic acid).

* M. Sobstyl et al. „Choroby sromu- diagnostyka i leczenie”, Przegląd Menopauzalny 2013,17(3), p. 283-288. ** SLSs and colourants are the substances which may be used in cosmetics under certain conditions. The products contain no such substances. *** Designed to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Iladian intimate gel

Iladian gel is available in:

180 ml – optimum for daily use,

50 ml – perfect to take it with you on a trip.



Iladian constitutes a hypoallergenic gel designed both for ensuring protection against harmful microorganisms and irritations, as well as for the care of intimate areas in situations requiring additional support. The ingredients contained in Iladian gel indicate antibacterial properties (cranberry and licorice extracts), help eliminate discomfort associated with vaginal discharge – itching and unpleasant smell. In addition, the product’s composition has been enriched with a prebiotic with properties that stimulate beneficial skin microflora, and lactic acid responsible for maintaining normal pH.

Iladian 40+ intimate gel

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Iladian 40+ is available in:

180ml – optimum for daily use,

50 ml – perfect to take it with you on a trip.



Menopause is a period when vaginal epithelium atrophy starts
and dryness of intimate parts occurs, likely resulting in irritations
and infections.

Iladian 40+ gel for intimate hygiene includes proven components
which have the following effect:

  • intensely moisturising (nigella oil),
  • protecting the skin of intimate parts (soy extract),
  • antibacterial (cranberry extract, black seed oil)

Additionally, the soy extract improves skin firmness, thus protects
against ageing, while lactic acid maintains normal pH.

Iladian pregna intimate gel
New, improved composition

Iladian pregna is available in:

180ml – optimum for daily use,



During pregnancy, women are particularly vulnerable to suffer from irritation and infections of their intimate areas, as well as hemorrhoids.
Therefore, the hypoallergenic Iladian pregna intimate hygiene gel not only gently cleanses, but also contains ingredients with the following beneficial properties:

  • antibacterial (licorice extract),
  • moisturizing (oat oil),
  • supporting the functioning of the skin’s natural protective barrier (oat oil),
  • increasing resistance to irritation (licorice extract, oat oil),
  • maintaining normal pH (lactic acid)

In addition, the product’s composition also contains a component with prebiotic properties. It stimulates the beneficial skin microflora, and thus additionally protects the skin against irritation.